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“Don’t get carried away with the euphoria, whatever you share lately on social media may work against you tomorrow or for the rest of your life. Think before you click, don’t be a victim”

Thabo Johnson


“Cybersecurity is not something we can afford to neglect at any point as a country. Not now, not ever. This is why your gathering is not just important to you and the corporate business world. It is of utmost importance to me, to government, and to the people of South Africa.”

Deputy Minister Honourable Pinky Kekana

“The strength of information security within organisations and countries is very much determined by the information security culture of people. The human factor of information security plays a significant role in securing information assets. National culture has an impact on organisational culture and therefore is also a consideration for enhancing information security culture. This research looks at the value of information security culture in organisations, frameworks for information security culture and the impact of national culture on organisational culture.”

Prof Elmarie Kritzinger

“There are various forms of cyber violence against women and girls, including, but not limited to, cyber stalking, non-consensual pornography (or ‘revenge porn’), gender-based slurs, hate speech and harassment, ‘slut-shaming’, unsolicited pornography, ‘sextortion’, rape threats and death threats, and electronically facilitated trafficking. It often follows the same patterns as offline violence and must be stopped!”

Motlatsi Pharasi


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