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ASCSA (African Society for Cyber security Awareness) 

Our Partners


Benefits of partnering with African Society for Cyber security Awareness ( ASCSA).

ASCSA is facilitating and organising multiple nationwide and continentwide awareness programs, workshops, training in association with supporting bodies from the Government of South Africa. We have also partnered and are a registered member of STOP. THINK. CONNECT.™ .

ASCSA’s priority is to enhance the online safety and security of business communities, by helping to deliver resources and expertise from the private sector to support both domestic and international law enforcement agencies and their governments, in their task of reducing harm from cyber & high-tech crimes.

Government Partners

We consult to different government departments on how to safeguard their files and data from loss. We educate officials on how confidential files can be hacked and used by the hackers. We train them how to keep their files safe and corrupt free.


Corporate Partners

We provide Corporate training and workshops on cyber security awareness , cyber crimes, cyber hacking, identification and personal data theft. We work with corporates and guide them on how to protect their identity and data.

Schools / Institutions / Academia

We provide training and roll-out cyber security awareness days and educational programs to schools and institutions across the continent. We cover topics such as cyber crime , cyber bullying and the importance of managing your reputation online.

ASCSA (African Society for Cyber security Awareness)

African Society for Cyber Security Awareness “ASCSA” is a non-profit organisation established to promote safe online behaviour and practices. We aim to encourage South Africans, Africa and the rest of the World to be more vigilant about practicing safe online habits and encourage them to view internet safety as a shared responsibility at home, in the workplace, and in our communities.
African Society for Cyber Security Awareness has a 3-tier approach to Cyber Security Awareness – Cyber Safety Kids, Cyber Violence Against Women and Girls and Digital Parenting (Online Parenting).

Our single mission is to promote Cyber Safety Awareness programs on new age technological crimes (cybercrime), fraud and to safeguard our nation. Our motto is simple “Enable, Empower and Educate”.